Dr Serge Balon-Perin : MD – Nutrition

Dr Serge Balon-Perin : MD – Nutrition


1976- 1986 : Studied Medicine: graduated in 1986 from the University of Louvain
1986 – 1989 : studied Nutrition with diploma in human nutrition from University of Louvain
1986-1989 : Clinical research at University of Leuven in Obesity.
Presentation of research to the European Congress on Obesity and the World Congress on Obesity (Kobe 1989).
Scientific Publication: The effect of glucose ingestion and fasting on plasma innunoreactive beta-endorphin, adrecorticotropic hormone and cortisol in obese subjects.
Balon-Perin S. ,Kolanwski J., Berbinschi A., Franchimont P., Ketelslegers JM., Journal of Endocrinology Invest. 1991 Dec;14 (11): 919-25.
Member of the Belgian Society of Obesity (BASO)

Vice-President of Kousmine League of Belgium -Member of the Kousmine Foundation (Switzerland)
Professor at CBO (Belgian Osteopathic College)
Numerous articles on nutrition published in medical journals (le monde medical, D Sante, Medisphere, etc…)
Consultant for various pharmaceutical laboratories (Abbot, UCB, Trenker, Pharco,..) Responsible for a clinical study in process for the past 4 years


My Practice

Through the years I have come to specialise in treating through a nutritional approach digestive problems as well as allergies and food intolerences. But as you may have noticed, I also have a great deal of experience in excess weight problems and the specific nutritional needs of professional (and amateur) athletes. These last few years, I have also developed a nutritional approach to attention problems, both for children and adults.