Guidance and support for losing excess weight

Guidance and support for losing excess weight

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Personal food plans
Hypnosis and coaching

Extract from “Doctor, I’m sick of gaining back the weight I lost!”

Everything has been said and written on diets and every year,a miracle solution is introduced for losing weight rapidly and permanently with little effort. Sellers of dreams are abundant in this area …as are charlatans.
Ask those who have tried to lose weight and to stabilise at the desired weight, the difficulties they have encountered.

The temptations are many :

– If we were surrounded only by proteins and vegetables, diets without carbohydrates such as Atkins, Montignac, Dukan (take away vegetables as well for the later)… could possibly work longterm, although our brain rebels against them.
– If without carbohydrates for a certain period of time, a deficit in certain brain substances (like serotonin) is created and our brain craves starch, pushing us to consume it. If you go without carbohydrates for a long period you can have more sugar cravings than before embarking on the diet.

An attack period, that has the advantage of stimulating an initial weight loss, should be rapidly followed by a food plan based on eating styles in South-east Asia and on recent studies in chrononutrition. The idea is that one discovers a new way of eating ,replacing unsatisfactory/inadequate eating styles in order to avoid stagnation and the yo-yo effect that can follow these protein based diets.