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Department of Adult Functional Medicine

Functional medicine is a systemic approach to the individual that focuses on identifying the origin of the disorder and addressing the root cause of the disease. It is based on the evolution of research in nutritional science, genomics and epigenetics.

It all starts with an assessment

The care administered aims to restore a balance at the biochemical level based on an assessment of deficiencies, biochemical disorders, inflammation, imbalance of the intestinal microbiota, genetic polymorphisms, mitochondrial insufficiency, etc….


This evaluation can be carried out using laboratory tests and/or very detailed medical questionnaires.


It then proposes dietary adaptations, lifestyle, various types of treatments, nutritional supplements to correct imbalances and fill deficiencies.

A recent study has highlighted the interest of this medical approach. In this cohort study of 7,252 eligible patients (Functional Medicine Center: 1,595; Family Health Center: 5,657), Functional Medicine patients showed significantly greater improvements in overall body information system health. the patient-reported outcome measure at 6 months than patients matched by propensity to a family health center (398 matched pairs).JAMA Netw open 2019 October; 2(10): Association of the functional medicine model of care with patient-reported health-related quality of life outcomes. Michelle Beidelschies PhD et al.

Our Experts


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Médecin nutritionniste


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