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Overweight, obesity and diabetes

We are talking aboutoverweightfor aBMI (weight/height ratio) of 25 to 30. From 30 to 40, it is aconfirmed obesity.   Above 40, it is themorbid obesity

We are talking aboutdiabeteswhen the blood sugar level too high.  Fasting blood glucose > 110

The first stage before diabetes is  insulin resistancewhere thepre diabetes.In this case the sugar level remains normal at the expense of excessive production of insulin (hormone that brings sugar into the cells). 
This state of insulin resistance is important to detect because it is the source of various chronic pathologies and it itself promotes weight gain. 

Looking for solutions

We have to face many temptations: If we were surrounded only by proteins and vegetables, diets without carbohydrates like Atkins diets, Keto, south beach diet, etc…. would work long term.

But our brain rebels: if we do not eat carbohydrates for a while, a deficit is created in certain brain substances (Serotonin) and the brain pushes us to eat carbohydrates again. And when the deprivation has been long, it is common for us to become "sweeter" than before the diet. For this reason, in addition to a food plan adapted to the person, it will often be beneficial to add a few sessions of strategies in relation to his eating behavior, to his difficulties in relation to a proposed food plan. It may also be useful to offer a few hypnosis sessions that are often very effective in adapting eating behavior.

But that's not all  … 
For those who find it difficult to lose weight or regain weight easily, it seems essential to me to take stock in order to stop swimming against the tide. It's exhausting…

  We know that the gut microbiota plays a major role in weight gain. We also know that an unbalanced thyroid in women can promote weight gain. We also know that insulin resistance, which can be induced by a bad microbiota or by weight gain, itself promotes weight gain. In short, a vicious circle...

A metabolic assessment may therefore in some cases prove to be essential for the effectiveness of the “Diet” effort.

A number of exams can be offered, such as: 

  • Metabolic and hormonal balance

  • Nutritional balance

  • Microbiota analysis

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Médecin nutritionniste

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